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Tree Removal in Battle Creek


Reasons to remove a tree.

Dead or diseased.

Unfortunately there comes a time when you need to say goodbye to one or more of your trees on your property when it has taken a turn for the worst and just didn't survive.

There are many reasons for a tree to die, disease, root problems, storm damage, crowding, so it is time to get rid of it.

Roots may be undermining your driveway, sidewalk, or damaging your plumbing or even your septic system.

Stump removal. After the tree is down we offer to remove the stump if you desire.

You may have an old stump that is taking the space in your yard and you want to expand the area, we can grind it down and you will be able to to have a beautiful yard again

Storm Damage

Fallen from a storm.

A damaged Tree is somthing to take very seriously. If the tree is split or cracked it is a hazard you do not want to mess with.

Trees near Power or Plumbing

A Tree grown near power cables is the worst. Damage can occur even without the Tree making contact with the wires and start a fire in your home in seconds.

Tree roots can cause tramatic damage to a septic field or drain line. Removal is your best option in this case.